4 Types Of Pool Upgrades Ideal For Preventing Amoeba Presence


The world is filled with small parasites or organisms that we cannot see without the use of a microscope. One of the more scary ones is the brain-eating amoeba. Scientifically known as the Naegleria fowleri, this organism has been known to go into the nose of humans and feed on brains until they pass away. Amoebas are found naturally in water, so anyone with a pool may have some concerns. Instead of worrying about amoebas each time you swim, you can have four different pool upgrades installed.

14 July 2016

Not Swimming Season? Guide To Winterizing Your In-Ground Swimming Pool


Most homeowners who have an in-ground pool understand its massive benefits. From an addition to your home's backyard for the family and a new passion for exercise to the increased total value of your home, the benefits of a swimming pool are easy to see. Unfortunately, this addition requires proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure the pool is safe and ready to enjoy. While you may not use your pool in the fall or winter season, prepping it now for the spring and summer months is essential.

20 November 2015

Why The Ph Balance Of Your Swimming Pool Water Is So Important


Owning a swimming pool offers a lot of benefits, but it also requires a lot of work and responsibilities. Of all the things you will have to do to take care of your swimming pool, keeping the water clean and safe is often one of the hardest tasks. There are several ways to measure the cleanliness and safety of pool water, including testing the pH balance of the water. Here is an explanation of what pH balance is, why it is important, and how to achieve the right balance.

13 November 2015

New Hot Tub? 3 Rules You Should Make Right Now


Once your family and friends realize that there is a brand new hot tub in their midst, they might be teeming with excitement about enjoying a long soak in your bubbly, relaxing outdoor spa. However, before you open the floodgates and invite everyone over for a dip, you need to realize that a little misuse can cause a lot of problems. Here are three hot tub rules you should make right now, and how enforcing them will protect your investment:

12 November 2015

Keeping A Green Pool - Salt Water Filtration And Leak Detection Methods


If you live a green lifestyle and intend on installing a pool on your property, then you are probably concerned about the pool's negative impact on the environment. Chemicals must be placed in your pool to sanitize it and you will likely use a great deal of water to fill and maintain the water level in your pool. Fortunately, there are many different green practices you can utilize to make sure that your pool is as environmentally friendly as possible.

26 August 2014