Address Staining And Damage To Your Pool And Surrounding Deck


If you are going to purchase a residential plot that contains an in-ground pool and deck, it may take some time and money to get the pool in operable order. If you notice that the pool's interior is quite dirty, some tiles are missing, and the deck is in need of resurfacing, seek professional assistance with these issues.

Don't Leave Problems Up To Chance

If you haven't owned a pool before, you won't know the proper equipment or materials that are needed to clean the interior and deck, and to perform the repairs. If you use abrasive products or materials that are not waterproof, you will only be causing additional damage to the pool and could be faced with the need to have repairs made on multiple occasions.

Consult with a pool contractor instead of trying to handle the cleaning and repairs on your own. By doing so, you will know the extent of the problems and will receive a cost analysis that is necessary to get the pool in operable order. After hiring a contractor, the problems will be addressed and you can also receive assistance with filling the pool, adding chemicals to the water, and following up with routine service appointments that will keep the pool in shape.

Maybe you would like to upgrade the water feature by having a slide or diving board installed. If so, find out how much a project like this would cost and how long it would take to complete the upgrade. During the renovation phase, you won't be able to use the pool and this may have a bearing on your decision to go ahead with the project at this time. 

Follow The Guidelines That Have Been Provided

You can learn a great deal about pool care by asking questions during your service appointment. The staining that was initially inside of the pool could have been caused by fallen limbs and yard debris or stagnant water.

If you follow the course of action that is recommended to you, including the testing of the water, a lot of staining may not become an issue. It is equally important to use a skimmer as needed, to remove any foreign materials that fall into the pool.

Keep the deck clean and orderly, and avoid placing anything on the surface that could damage the material that the deck is constructed of. One last tip is to have your pool winterized at the end of each swimming season. By doing so, the pool's interior will remain unscathed and the recreational feature will be ready for use the following summer. 

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20 August 2019

Getting Your Pool Fixed Up

Last summer, I was walking in my swimming pool when I felt something sharp dig into my foot. I realized that a piece of sharp plaster had gotten knocked loose, and it created a large gash in the bottom of my heel. Fortunately, I was able to get to the doctor and get some stitches, but I was left worrying about my swimming pool. A friend of mine talked to me about hiring a professional pool contractor to repair the bottom of the pool, and I felt like it was a great idea. This blog talks all about the great ways that pool contractors can help, so that you aren't left worrying about injuries.