3 Important Tips for Properly Storing Your Pool Liner


Taking care of the pool liner that you have invested in for your pool is one of the easiest things you can do to prevent having to spend a lot of money on pool upkeep over the years. However, a lot of pool owners do not properly store their pool liner, which leads them to them having to invest in a new liner frequently. When you buy a new liner, you will find an enclosed set of instructions that will tell you how to properly store the liner you have. However, there are a few general rules that should always be followed even if you do not follow those instructions to the letter. 

Always spread the liner out and allow it to dry after removal. 

Once you have detached the liner and got it out of the pool, take the time to spread the liner out on the patio or on the grass in the direct sunlight. This will allow the excess moisture and any little water droplets to dry out before you fold up the liner and store it away. It is also a good idea to allow both sides of the liner to dry out by flipping it over after one side is completely dry. Remember to open up any folds so hidden moisture will be exposed to the air and sunlight. 

Use talcum powder to absorb any moisture and prevent stickiness. 

Even if your pool liner appears dry, there may still be trace amounts of moisture. Plus, any residue that is remaining on the liner can get sticky and cause the liner to stick to itself. Before you actually start folding the liner, use talcum powder to spread a generous coating over the liner. The talcum powder will collect any excess moisture that is remaining, but if any water gets to the liner while it is in storage, it will also help absorb that as well. 

Roll the liner up instead of folding it before storing it. 

Your first inclination when you go to compact the size of the liner for storage is to fold it, but you really should roll the liner up instead. Rolling up the liner tightly helps prevent sharp creases in the liner that will be held for long periods. When you take the liner out in the spring, those creases can be pretty stubborn, sometimes even permanent. Unfortunately, the creases can also become a weakened point where the liner is more likely to tear or rip. 

For more information, contact a pool maintenance professional.


5 December 2018

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