Maintaining Your Swimming Pool To Avoid Costly Repair Bills


Having a swimming pool installed in your yard is a big investment and if it is not maintained properly, you may find your pool in need of repairs that could have been avoided altogether. There are some things you can do to make the pool last longer but some repairs are unavoidable no matter what you do. Be sure you understand all the things that you need to do to keep your pool running properly and talk to the installer if you have questions.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your pool clean and maintaining the proper amount of chlorine in the water is important. There are some things that can affect those levels in ways you might not have considered. Organic matter in the pool will cause you a lot of headaches. Leaves from trees nearby need to be removed from the pool and soon as possible so they do not start to break down in the water. If they do, they can cause the balance of the water to shift and make it hard to keep the ph and chlorine levels right. The pool should be vacuumed regularly and if you see leaves and other debris in the pool, remove it as soon as you can.

Inspecting The Plumbing

Take the time to look at the plumbing and pump regularly. Look for any leaks in the fittings, cracks in pipes, and check the pump to make sure it is running properly. If it is whining or running excessively warm, you need to have a service tech check it. Leaks also need to be repaired right away so they do not get worse and cause air to leak into the system and cause cavitation at the pump. If air gets into the system, the pump can lose its prime and stop pumping water through the filter which will cause the pump to overheat and eventually fail. The end result is having to replace the pump and that can be expensive.

Check The Deck For Damage

The deck area around the pool is another area to keep an eye on. If you have an inground pool with a concrete deck surrounding it, cracking can indicate a problem with the ground under the deck and may result in problems down the road. If the deck is cracking or chipping, small pieces of concrete or cement can end up in the pool and cause damage there as well. Check with the installer if you see this kind of damage or call a local pool company to have them come out and look at it if the pool was installed before you bought the property.

Contact a swimming pool repair company for more help.


11 February 2018

Getting Your Pool Fixed Up

Last summer, I was walking in my swimming pool when I felt something sharp dig into my foot. I realized that a piece of sharp plaster had gotten knocked loose, and it created a large gash in the bottom of my heel. Fortunately, I was able to get to the doctor and get some stitches, but I was left worrying about my swimming pool. A friend of mine talked to me about hiring a professional pool contractor to repair the bottom of the pool, and I felt like it was a great idea. This blog talks all about the great ways that pool contractors can help, so that you aren't left worrying about injuries.