3 Important Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Hot Tub


Your day is long, your body is tired, and your stress levels are at a peak, but you know when you get home, you have a tub of hot water just waiting for you to sink into it and watch your pains evaporate with the bubbles that surround you. There are few things more enticing when it comes to home improvements than installing a hot tub. However, a brand new hot tub is not always in the budget, so what do you do if you still want to grab yourself a small piece of home luxury? Of course, you look for a used hot tub for sale. 

Buying used should be a cautious endeavor where hot tubs are concerned. Check out these three questions to ask when you spot a used hot tub for sale that you believe will bring your dream of carefree, hot water immersion to life. 

Has the hot tub been kept indoors or out?

Most types of hot tubs are designed to be used indoors or out. However, hot tubs that have spent their life outdoors can be prone to a few more problems that may not otherwise be an issue. For example, outdoor hot tubs are pretty notorious for having problems with pests making their way in between the exterior walls of the structure and the walls of the tub. 

Does the home where the hot tub was used have a water softening system?

This may seem like a totally unrelated question to ask, but in all truth, hard water can take a huge toll on the hot tub and its waterway components. The over-accumulation of hard water minerals can actually break down the sealed surface of the tub if it was not properly cleaned and the mineral deposits can wreak havoc in the water lines, filtration system, and even the jets. 

Is it possible the hot tub is still under a manufacturer's warranty?

Some hot tubs come with some pretty extensive warranties to protect the unit from unusual damage or failure. If you are buying used, these warranties may still be in place, so make sure you ask the hot tub seller. If you do buy a tub that has a warranty, make sure you contact the manufacturer to find out if they can transfer the warranty registration to you as the secondary owner. That way, you get to take full advantage of whatever warranty coverage is remaining. 


27 July 2017

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