4 Types Of Pool Upgrades Ideal For Preventing Amoeba Presence


The world is filled with small parasites or organisms that we cannot see without the use of a microscope. One of the more scary ones is the brain-eating amoeba. Scientifically known as the Naegleria fowleri, this organism has been known to go into the nose of humans and feed on brains until they pass away. Amoebas are found naturally in water, so anyone with a pool may have some concerns. Instead of worrying about amoebas each time you swim, you can have four different pool upgrades installed. Each one of these upgrades prevents amoebas from living in the water and will make it safe for you to swim on a daily basis. Contact pools contractors to have one or more of these upgrades to your current pool or a new pool that you plan on having installed.

Salt Water Filters

Brain-eating amoebas are only found in fresh water. When choosing a swimming pool, you are not just limited to fresh water options. Eliminate the presence of any amoebas by choosing a salt water chlorine filter. Your pool will use salt water to eliminate the presence of amoebas. The salt water is also used to clean the water. Instead of using harmful chemicals that dries out skin or burns the eyes, the use of salt water filters can help keep your pool water natural while keeping amoebas away. A salt water filter system operates differently than a traditional pool filter. Along with delivering the salt into the water, a pool contractor can install the new filter to ensure that it works properly in the water. Piping, wiring, and the whole set up can be configured for the best use with your swimming pool area.


If you do not like the feeling or taste of salt water while swimming, then there are plenty of additional options to help keep amoebas from your pool. Amoeba's thrive in warm water areas. Keeping your pool water clean can help reduce the presence of the organisms. One way to help keep water cool is with the installation of an aerator. A pool contractor can install an aerator spout on the side of your pool. As water flows through the aerator, it introduces oxygen bubbles back into the water. This process can help keep water temperatures down, even throughout the hot summer months while the sun is beating down on the water.

Automated Pool Controls

Tracking your water temperature and pool conditions can help ensure that amoebas are not attracted to your pool area. Instead of manually going to your pool area each day, you can use a wireless device to track a number of these functions. A pool contractor can install automated pool controls. These controls can give you access to pump timers, aerator power switches, and the current water temperature. This allows you to analyze all of your pool details and make proper adjustments to help prevent the presence of amoebas. These systems can also work with an automatic pool vacuum. Amoebas are also attracted to dirt and mud areas at the bottom of a body of water. A pool vacuum can help eliminate all of this dirt and ensure that your pool is as clean as possible.

Pool Bubblers

Another thing that amoebas are attracted to is still or slow-moving water. When no one is swimming in the pool, the water can lie still and create an ideal area for amoeba's. Help prevent this and keep the water moving by having pool bubblers installed. A contractor can install bubblers in the bottom of a pool. These devices create streams of bubbles that lead to the top of the water. This can help keep water moving on a daily basis. The bubblers can be set to a timer or turned on manually as needed.

By choosing one or more of these upgrades, you can dramatically increase the safety of your pool. Instead of swimming in public waters, you can feel confident knowing that your pool is safe and free from brain-eating amoebas.


14 July 2016

Getting Your Pool Fixed Up

Last summer, I was walking in my swimming pool when I felt something sharp dig into my foot. I realized that a piece of sharp plaster had gotten knocked loose, and it created a large gash in the bottom of my heel. Fortunately, I was able to get to the doctor and get some stitches, but I was left worrying about my swimming pool. A friend of mine talked to me about hiring a professional pool contractor to repair the bottom of the pool, and I felt like it was a great idea. This blog talks all about the great ways that pool contractors can help, so that you aren't left worrying about injuries.