New Hot Tub? 3 Rules You Should Make Right Now


Once your family and friends realize that there is a brand new hot tub in their midst, they might be teeming with excitement about enjoying a long soak in your bubbly, relaxing outdoor spa. However, before you open the floodgates and invite everyone over for a dip, you need to realize that a little misuse can cause a lot of problems. Here are three hot tub rules you should make right now, and how enforcing them will protect your investment:

1: Never Drink and Dip

If you are like most people, you might daydream about kicking back in your new hot tub and enjoying a nice glass of wine with your friends. Although this luxury might seem like something out of a movie, drinking while hot tubbing is never a good idea.

Because drinking can impair your judgment, being under the influence while operating a large, hot pool of water could jeopardize your safety. If you set the temperature too high or you aren't paying attention to what your guests are doing, it could be a recipe for disaster. For example, if you don't notice that small children are in the vicinity, you might miss a tot who gets a little curious and falls into the water.

Drinking also presents another problem: dropped glasses. If you or one of your friends accidentally drops a wine glass or a beer mug into or around that spa, tiny glass fragments could end up in the water. In addition to potentially cutting your guests, glass can also get sucked into your filtration system and clog up the works.

To stay on the safe side, ask your guests to refrain from drinking until after they exit the hot tub. If you want to keep everyone refreshed, consider offering a non-alcoholic drink, such as a flavored lemonade, served in plastic glasses.

2: No Jumping

Everyone has that friend who can't resist cannonballing into a pool of water. However, when it comes to your hot tub, establishing a "no jumping" policy could prevent your spa from an untimely demise.

Most people don't realize it, but since your hot tub sits above ground, it is more susceptible to shell damage. Since the ground doesn't protect the exterior of the spa, the sides can be bent, cracked, or damaged if they are under enough force. Unfortunately, the weight of your buddy jumping full force into that tub might be enough to cause serious shell damage or even cracks. If he misses and hits the side the wrong way, he could be injured—while destroying your spa. Unfortunately, shell damage can cause another big problem: flooding. If the side of your spa is compromised, it could send water gushing outwards into your yard or home. 

To prevent major damage, ask your friends and family members to avoid jumping. Instead, ask everyone to slowly and carefully descend into the spa with the help of the railing. In addition to keeping your hot tub safe, a slow decent will also help people to acclimate to the warm water.

3: Shower Before Entering

It might seem unrealistic or rude to ask guests to rinse off in your guest bathroom before making their way to the hot tub, but a quick shower might help your spa water to stay clean and healthy. Believe it or not, things like body lotion, perfumes, or even cosmetics can throw off the pH of your spa water—rendering it cloudy, foamy, or even filled with algae.

To make showering easier for your guests, prepare your bathrooms before people come over. Stock the counters with fresh towels and consider putting down non-slip mats to make it easier for wet guests to make their way outside. Check your spa water chemistry regularly to spot inconsistencies that could make the water unattractive or uncomfortable. Keep in mind that healthy spa water has a pH of between 7.2 and 7.8. If your water is out of whack, adjust the chemicals carefully and make sure they are balanced before your party.

By setting clear rules, you should be able to keep your spa in great shape—so that everyone can enjoy it a little longer. For more information on how to protect your guests and your hot tub, contact a professional service, such as Anchor Pools & Spas.


12 November 2015

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